WCED Online Vacancy application guide

This guide will help you understand how the WCED e- recruitment system works and how to apply for vacancies online. Here is an overview of the procedure to be followed:
1. Register as a user
2. Create a profile (CV)
3. View vacancies & select the vacancy you wish to apply for.
(a) Select Experience set
(b) Apply for this post
4. Review my CV
5. View applications you have applied for by clicking "My applications".

Information you need to have ready that will assist you with your online application.

  • Detailed CV
  • ID number: applicable to South African citizens.
  • The following are applicable to non-South African citizens:
    • (a) Passport number
    • (b) Work Permit Number
    • (c) Work Permit expiry date
  • Qualifications
  • SACE number
  • Referees

    Detailed instructions are as follows:

    1. Register as a user
    All first time users must register to be able to use the system. To register, click the "Register" button. A registration form will be populated. Capture or select the following:
  • Name & Surname
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Security question
  • Security answer

  • Click the "register" button and registration confirmation will be sent to you via email. The system will populate a screen requesting your PERSAL number or ID number. NB! If PERSAL/ID is not recognized by the system, click the "CLOSE" button and create a profile manually.

    2. Create a profile
  • (a) Capture personal details; if you are not a South African citizen, the following details are required:
    • Nationality
    • Indicate if you a permanent SA resident.
    • Residential Permit Number
    • Work permit number
    • Work permit expiry date
  • (b) Capture Contact details, this includes physical & postal address.
  • (c) Capture Qualifications. NB! You can load multiple qualifications by clicking "Add Qualification" button.
  • (d) Capture REQV.
  • (e) Indicate Language Proficiency by selecting the language and ability to speak, read or write it.
    NB! You can load multiple languages by clicking "Add Language" button.
  • (f) Capture Employment History per Position Held.
    NB! You can load multiple positions by clicking "Add Employment History" button.
  • (g) Capture Training & Development by selecting/capturing training and expiry date.
    NB! You can add more by clicking "Add CTLI training" button.
  • (h) Capture computer literacy by indicating how often you use a computer and selecting the computer skill. NB! You can load multiple computer skills by clicking "Add Computer Literacy" button.
  • (I)Capture Experience Regarding Candidature and Suitability for Appointment. It is advisable that preferably the following areas be covered: Skill, Responsibilities, Extra Curriculum activities, Achievements, Community Involvement, Awards, etc.
    NB! You can add more than one Experience Set and link the relevant set to a position that you are applying for.
  • (j) Capture Referees. NB! You can load multiple referees by clicking "Add Referee" button.
  • (K) Candidate must declare if the information provided is completed correctly to the best of his knowledge by ticking the tickbox. NB! Ticking the box will be taken as being as binding as your signature. Click "Save" button and your CV will saved on the database.

  • 3. View vacancies & select the vacancy you wish to apply for.
  • (a)Click on "Vacancies" button on the menu and all the vacancies will be displayed.
  • (b)Vacancies can be searched e.g. by Job title, School Name, Post description or Suburb.
  • (c) Once you have selected the post you wish to apply for, click "Apply" button on the post.
  • (d) The system displays the post information with an option to select the experience set.
  • (e) Choose the experience set relevant to the post you are applying for. You can create a new experience set if the relevant set was not created initially (see Review my CV).
  • (f) Click "Apply for this post" button and your CV will be submitted for the selected post.

  • 4. Review my CV
    You can review your CV in PDF by clicking "Review CV" button located on the bottom left hand side of the home page.
    You can also review and update any part of your CV by clicking the relevant tab below "MY CV" tab. The system will display the selected part of the CV. You can make changes and click "Update" button.
    NB! Any changes you make on your CV will impact the CV you have linked to post you have applied for.

    5. View applications you have applied for by clicking "My application".
    You can view the posts you applied for by clicking "My application" tab located on the top corner of home page. The system will display the list of all post you have applied for. You can click on "more" to view details of each post. You have an option to withdraw your application.

    Additional Information
    Correspondence regarding all posts will be done within 3 months after the closing date of the advertisement. If you are not contacted within the stated period, accept that your application was unsuccessful.

    Helpdesk - 0861 923 322
    How to apply
    Job applications received via e-mail, fax, or hand delivered will not be considered. All job applications must be submitted on-line via the WCED website, E-Recruitment for Educators.
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