Branch Institutional Development Coordination
To render a school social work service to Public Ordinary and Public Special Schools within the Education District.
R 261 456
Grade 1: 261 456– R 303 093per annum; Grade 2: 321 546– R 369 258 per annum; Grade 3: 389 991– R 452 106 per annum; Grade 4: 479 640– R 589 896 per annum. Salary depending on years of experience after registration with the professional body.
4 year Diploma or Degree in Social Work or equivalent qualification. Registration with the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) as Social Worker and proof of payment of registration for 2018-2019. Valid Code B Drivers License. 5 years experience in Social Work after registration as a Social Worker with the SACSSP. Recommendations: Experience in the field of child and youth care.
Implement social work capacity building programmes for the early identification of and interventions relating to social, emotional and behavoural barriers to learning: Train teachers, parents, and support staff in the early identification of social, emotional and behavioural barriers. Train teachers, parents, and support staff to manage identified learners who experience social, emotional and behavioural barriers (e.g. Individual Support Plan (ISP)/Group Support Plan (GSP). Develop and implement preventative programmes for learners, parents and School Governing Body?s (SGBs) that address and/or prevent social, emotional and behavioural barriers to learning. Implementation of Inclusive Education Policies including the Screening Identification and Assessment Support (SIAS) Policy. o Provide direct social work services when necessary. Participate in inter- and intra-sectoral networks and collaborations: Promote inclusive schools as centres of Care and Support for Teaching and Learning (CSTL) and use this framework to co-ordinate the support from other sectors. Collaborate on social work matters with the multi-disciplinary teams. Provide specialised social work support to strengthen District- and School-based support teams (DBSTs/SBSTs): Train, sustain and promote SBSTs in collaboration with the DBST in all Schools in understanding social context, legislation related to children and create an effective school-community partnership. Collaborate as multi-disciplinary teams with ISLES DBST to support learners who experience barriers to learning. Provide social work input for the district with regard to policy development and reviews. Conduct discipline specific research.
Inclusive Education Policies, guidelines and practices. Analytic, diagnostic, assessment tools, evaluation methods and processes (Social Worker). Social Work legislation related to children. Social work theory and interventions. Information and Knowledge Management. Protocol and professional ethics.
Organising and planning. Project Planning. Psycho social intervention. Communication and language (2 Official languages). Interpersonal. Report-writing. Computer literacy. Presentation and facilitation. Problem Solving and analysis. Client orientation and customer focus.
Ms I Senosi: 021 370 2000 (Metro South EDO)
Helpdesk - 0861 923 322
How to apply
Job applications received via e-mail, fax, or hand delivered will not be considered. All job applications must be submitted on-line via the WCED website, E-Recruitment for Educators.

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